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The New Social ROI Prototype:

Except and Commentary from Localspeak GLOBALSPEAK Blog

After seeing the results of a well fought and well earned outcome for the Obama Campaign in the recent 2012 Presidential and Congressional elections, I’m convinced that understanding large amounts of specifically targeted raw data is the key to successful strategy, execution and implementation of game plans that work, whether those plans be deployed in a political campaign, used for acquiring new subscribers or in the development of new customers.

Understanding what that raw data means, utilizing & applying it where and when needed will be the basis all engagement moving forward.

Examples of raw data being used for accurate predictions and understanding of the numbers can be seen in the superior performance of Nate Silver and his 538 blog, where for the most part he was dead on in his predictions on how races would turn out (state by state and district by district) based on polling which was found to be extremely accurate (to the surprise of many Republican Strategist) and by the Obama campaign which just as accurately predicted voter turnouts, sentiment, strengths and weaknesses with respect to it’s campaign… See the post on the Localspeak blog. Localspeak’s take was that even though “Social intelligence still remains elusive to legions of brands…. the new textbook social game plan for the re-election of President Obama has vetted a new social ROI prototype:” Which I believe will become the Ten Commandments of Social Engagement moving forward and these Commandments are…

1 Join the conversation.
2 Listen to the crowd.
3 Leverage constituent feedback.
4 Be responsive.
5 Engage with supporters where they live.
6 Be transparent and authentic.
7 Create great content.
8 Identify value and reward loyalty.
9 Don’t overspend.
10 Win.

Except and Commentary from Localspeak Globalspeak Blog


Set up and Structure

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Posted on April 28, 2012

In the post, “If the news is that important, it will find me. by my  friend, John Stepper, who focuses on collaboration + social media in the enterprise John stated that  “back in 2008, it was already clear that people were consuming information differently. Rather than going to professional portals, people were increasingly relying on their social networks to deliver relevant and highly personalized information”. And he goes on to say…

“So why do you still have a home page at work? And what should you have instead?  Well John pointed it 2 very important reasons…..

1. The media shift currently underway

2. The future of internal communications

Hi-lighting these 2 areas as to why news that is important will find you, is both common sense and insightful genius on John’s part. And in my comment to John’s post back in April, I explained the reason for my support and offered additional insights as to why his assumptions on receiving and sharing news ultimately depends on the quality and integrity of one’s personal network of trusted thought leaders, historical interactions that result in accurate news propagation and feelings of owning the message and its importance to the greater community.

I commented on John’s post that the real time communications aspect of news feeds, likes and active participation by trusted and credible sources is key to real time news and communications efforts. As an example, yesterday’s news may still be news to those in the crowd receiving it late however, for those who have had the real time experience from credible and trusted sources/filters, the excitement of being part of the story and then actively waiting for what is to come next is both intriguing and welcomed. Real time stories appear as finely crafted digital curations that can be thought of as living stories that, will continue on and evolve over time as each person receiving the story paints their own picture and adds in some ways to its evolution as a result of imagination and and being part of the story. The folks who get the story after the fact (say much, much later) are not empowered by the story to put it out there for others to experience because they are in essence “Late to the Party” but, for those who have received the story (news, info etc) in real time, they feel empowered to pass it on. The story being told in real time is in fact hot off the press from known filters (friends and or respected colleagues) and for those receiving the story in real time, tend to take ownership and feel empowered to to pass it on and adopt it as if they had discovered it first. I think as I feel you might that, the social nature of trusted sources adds value to the filters and by default to the story’s continued propagation through a selected channel.

I would love to hear what you think, please leave your comments and thanks for taking the time to read this post


This image (of a Russian Model of Asian Decent) captures the minimalist but raw essence of Pip-Squeak Chepeau and the wider symbiotic
relationship people have with clothing as an artistic extension of their personality and its juxtaposing implication that…

“Clothes make the people when properly chosen by the people doing the choosing and the designer which understands this dynamic”

Taken a little differently, clothing acts as a picture frame to the artist’s (the designer) interpretation of what his or her creation should ultimately look like on the individual he envisions as the ultimate model but, it is the individual who will connect with the designer to complete this final work of art which in essence becomes a collaboration between designer and the individual….

Pip-Squeak Chapeau | 99 franklin street | Brooklyn | NY | 11222



Raising Money for Startups

I just finished going through the course “Raising money for startups” and thought is was spot on in helping me to better understand at least on an introductory level, how to navigate the world of Angel and Venture investment considering the fact that I’ve already worked to secure significant angel funding for at least 2 start-ups already. Taking the course offers one a sense of confidence to talk the talk and walk the walk when dealing with people who call this world their home, the course consist of 7 lectures including powerpoint course materials and should lay the foundation for a greater understanding of this world should you decide to pursue venture funding for your startup business

The 7 lecturers from the course are listed below and for the most part were fantastic with the exception of maybe one (will let you decide which)

Naval Ravikant – Before you Raise Money

Naval Ravikant is an entrepreneur and angel investor, a co-author of Venture Hacks, a blog that helps entrepreneurs raise capital, and AngelList, which helps connect entrepreneurs with angel capital.

Gagan Biyani – Meeting Angels and VCs

Gagan is co-founder of Udemy. Within 1 year of deciding he wanted to start a company, he met over 90 angel investors and VC’s (yes, really, we counted) and raised $1M from a syndicate of investors who’s pedigree included Yelp, YouTube, LinkedIn, Zynga, Playdom, Mint.com, SlideShare, and more.

Dave McClure – The Investor’s Perspective

Dave is the Founder of 500 Startups, the most prolific angel investment firm in 2010 (even though it only began operations in August). Previously Dave managed early-stage investments for Founders Fund and ran Facebook’s fbFund REV.

Jay Jamison – Constructing a Killer Pitchdeck

Jay is a Venture Partner at Blue Run Ventures and a top-rated mentor at the Founder Institute. Previously, as CEO of Moonshoot, he helped the company raise over $8 million in VC.

Yokum Taku – Legal Aspects of Fundraising

Yokum is a corporate and securities partner at Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati. He represents startup companies seeking venture backing, private companies that have raised money, and public companies. Yokum has seen over 50 angel and venture financings in the last year alone.

Jude Gomila – Nailing the Pitch Meeting

Jude Gomila is currently co founder of Heyzap (Union Square Ventures and Y Combinator funded in 2009). Heyzap has raised over $4M in financing from some of the best investors in the US.


Adeo Ressi – Closing the Funding Round

Adeo also runs the Founder Institute, a mentoring program that helps entrepreneurs launch hundreds of world-class companies each year. The Institute is the eighth start-up that Adeo has founded or built, four of which were acquired and three of which are still operating. The Institute is on track to become the largest technology startup incubator on the planet.

If you’re ready to take the plunge into the world of Angels & VC’s then this is the course for you Click here to begin your journey, it’s well worth the $19



A great user experience is a competitive advantage in today’s business climate and if you’ve ever had a great idea for a web or mobile app, but didn’t really know how to start? Or wasting a lot of time and money on freelancers that aren’t producing the results you’re expecting?

Then a step by step course by Amir Khella takes you from the idea stage into creating a simple and intuitive user experience blueprint. There is no theory involved, and no use of design jargon. In this course, Amir demonstrates how to move from the idea stage and through the various steps of designing the user experience, then he provides you with actions to follow at the end of each step. No creative skills needed, and no design tools required. Just a pen and paper or a whiteboard and markers, and you’re all set to go.

By following the simple steps provided in Amir’s course, you’ll create your own user experience difference in one week!

Check out this great course only if you’re really serious about starting your business properly and with the proper tools, click here

Amir Khella is a Design-trepreneur

Amir is a user experience designer and startup advisor. Over the past 3 years, he has designed more than 12 startup products, including DocVerse (Acquired by Google), Delve Networks (Acquired by LimeLight networks), TalentSpring (acquired by TalentTech), UStream, blist, and several others.

He is also the creator of Keynotopia user interface prototyping libraries for Apple Keynote and Microsoft PowerPoint.

Prior to his work in user experience, Amir worked as a software engineer, a program manager, and conducted research in human computer interaction and information visualization.


From the Business Insider Article

by Dylan Love

From This iPhone 5 Design Concept Must Be Seen To Be Believed]

An independent designer named Frederico Ciccarese has put together some beautiful iPhone 5 concept drawings and was kind enough to send them to Business Insider.

Keep in mind that this is just one person’s interpretation of all the rumors we’ve been hearing non-stop since the 4S came out, but it looks pretty great to us.

This iPhone 5 Design Concept Is Super Freaking CoolRead more: http://www.businessinsider.com/this-iphone-5-design-concept-must-be-seen-to-be-believed-2012-2#the-long-rumored-teardrop-design-1#ixzz1nFLdKpPF




iPhone 5

iPhone 5 is the rumored latest version of the Apple’s iPhone. It’s planned to be released in the summer or fall of 2011.

The iPhone 5 might be unveiled in the last week of June at a special event that is currently rumored to cover only new software, according to reports in early April 2011. Other rumors peg the release date of the updated smartphone to September 2011.

Apple might be giving up on the glass backing and the exterior antenna in favor of an aluminum backing for the upcoming iPhone 5.

Here are some more speculations about the iPhone 5:

  • It will Use Qualcomm Chips.
  • It will have A5 Processor.
  • It will be possibly slimmer and complete redesigned.
  • It may lose the Home Button.

head shot.psd

Disclaimer: Not responsible for what happens to your computer by accessing your host file improperly but when done correctly will solve the problem of not being able to access a website, I don’t know how the host file gets urls that block but I do know that this worked for me and please only do this if you know what you’re doing otherwise any actions you take will have adverse consequences as to how your computer performs

I’ve been having incredible difficulty accessing Adobe.com to reinstall Adobe Air on my Macbook Pro 15″ and was looking for a solution until I came across an article on MactricksandTips.com (http://www.mactricksandtips.com/2009/02/editing-a-macs-hosts-file.html) and please remember this should work for any website found in the host file unless that is your ISP is blocking your access to a particular site (this was not the case with adobe.com for me).

The article is as follows:

The hosts file is in the /etc folder. To access this file in Finder to to the Menu bar then go to Go > Go To Folder, and type in /etc (exactly as you see in bold print). A normal finder window will appear. In this window you will find the file called “hosts” double click this file and open it in TextEdit. At this point you should be enabled as a root user, so you can quickly edit the file. but if not you should at least be using an administrator account, which if the computer belongs to you, most likely you already are, big difference is that when logged in as a root user, you will not have to keep entering your admin password (which is what I did vs. enabling root user)

In this file you should notice a couple of things, there should be a comment area at the top signified by hashes (#), and a couple of entries in the file. Do not change these. They are very important to operation of you computer. Your file should look like something below.          localhost    broadcasthost
::1                localhost
fe80::1%lo0        localhost

The IP address in on the left and the domain is on the right. You can now add more domains and IP addresses, one per line. For instance if you want to block an ad server you would type the following: ad.doubleclick.net

I hope this helps because I know that many of you have been having extreme difficulty with accessing various sites and wanted to share with you how I solved this problem which, worked for me


Several months back, Rey from Inbound Marketers – For Marketing Professionals on LinkedIn asked the question: “What is the number one rule of content marketing? and many people in that group responded with all the usual suspects like: [click to continue…]


Work with Telegraphicmedia, a digital solutions agency utilizing iPhone / iPad iOS wireless app platform for implementing mobile lead generation solutions for event promotions and upload consumer data to CRM

Software Platform: iDataCam for iPhone4 App engages event attendees 4 ways…

  • Captures attendee (opt-in) contact info and takes their photo in HD
  • Applies event-branded frame to photo (selected by attendee)
  • Emails and/or texts branded photo to attendee instantly
  • Uploads attendee data to a brand’s CRM for consumer conversion

Click on image to see a larger, higher resolution image of figure 1.

For use in the following industries:

  • Automotive (VW via Draft FCB Chicago)
  • Sports (NASCAR, NFL)
  • Celebrity & Entertainment  (John Legend Sponsored music concert events)
  • Wine & Spirits (Diageo: Crown Royal, Captain Morgan, Johnnie Walker, Guinness and Tanqueray)
  • Trade Shows Sales Tool for Midwest Seed Company
  • Telecom (Sprint at Super Bowl 2007 & NASCAR)
  • Banking (Bank of America, NASCAR)




Click on image to see a larger, higher resolution image of figure 2.

Click on image to see a larger, higher resolution image of figure 3.

Click on image to see a larger, higher resolution image of figure 4.

Responsible for developing business strategy & solutions for brands looking for meaningful ways to engage & more precisely measure and understand photo incentivized consumer interactions with the brand and more importantly, iDataCap Dashboards allows review/admin of consumer after an event: sorting captured data by event, by device or by lead type.

Utilizing online Dashboards allows real-time assessment of data capture DURING an event

  • Analyze iDataCam usage and
  • Adjust iDataCam locations or iDataCam users to…
  • Optimize data capture DURING an event

2011 Enhancements (helped to implement)

  • Integrate incentives into photo offering
  • Facebook, YouTube & Twitter integration
  • Group data capture for photos with multiple attendees
  • Branded consumer version of iDataCam app (next step in digital citizenry)
  • Branded video supplement for clever consumers branded video experiences
To get started with iDataCam you must
  • Determine event schedule, time & units needed
  • Device activation planning & training time needed
  • Determine umber of staff needed
  • Mobile interaction & photo offer integration into a consumer dialog
  • Messaging & art for photo branding
  • Determine special incentive offers to be reinforced image border copy or offer codes.
  • Contact us & setup a discovery meeting to….
We look forward to working with your team on activating the iDataCam Consumer Photo & Data Mobile Capture Solution and invite your ideas and opinions