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Using Causes To Engage With Your Brand & Build Relationships

Recently a client asked me to check out a Facebook cause notification that was sent to them along with birthday recognition. They thought it was a great idea to send this email to donate to this cause on their birthday because people are usually expecting to send and receive alerts on this memorable day as well as to see which of their friends are remembering them and in the process are sending them a virtual or actual gift.

Well I thought why not take this strategy one step further by enabling (via reminder) their engaged consumers to send their favorite birthday recipients a notification that they are donating to a cause (championed by the brand they follow) in the name of birthday recipient, this win, win scenario would allow the brand and the consumer to donate to the same cause in the name of the birthday recipient and the brand would benefit by championing this cause as well as bringing more customers into a socially aware engagement that helps the cause and helps their brand.

My client thought that this could work well for their cause & engagement strategy by providing their customers with the ability to give a virtual birthday gift as well as an actual donation in the name of the recipient (e.g. Facebook credits-where Facebook doesn’t take 30%) and allowing their brand aware community to participate in a good cause and connect with their friends at the same time.

My client asked me what did I think about this kind of strategy to use people’s birthday as a reason to e-mail them and engage them with a cause and I thought it was a great idea however, I said that birthday related emails only offers a reason to reach out but what’s really important is that an organization maintain an ongoing 2-way conversation with its’ target audience/brand aware consumers and when you have a real reason to reach out to them, then you won’t need to do it on their birthday alone, remember, Facebook can’t get as deep of a relationship with a brands’ target audience because its’ not their goal.  I said please remember that the key goal is to reach out to your target audience with legitimate and relevant information and or a cause that they trust and find credible because the reason people signed up in the first was because they knew your brand had important information that they were interested in and could trust.

And one more thing I suggested was to be more graphically forward thinking than what Facebook sends out, like adding your company’s logo displayed for your brand followers to associate with and allowing them to send the same.  I said that you must incorporate your brand into everything you do and in all of your outreach strategies one of the keys to success.

These were just a few of my thoughts, what are yours? I’d like to hear from you

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