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Using Inception like techniques to keep them writing about your product or service

I was recently doing some research for a client’s campaign to reach out to bloggers in order to write about their products and discovered that many bloggers of importance to their business don’t necessarily take the press releases sent to them and write about their products or services, they instead write about products or services they find interesting because they like what they see and are inspired to act.  The press releases these bloggers usually receive from companies hoping to have their products or services showcased on a perspective blogger column usually get thrown into the thrash which seems to be standard practice in most cases.  It’s kind of like the concept behind inception (the movie about dream spies) where an idea has to be planted into the subconscious mind (of the perspective blogger in this case) by the true author of that idea (say my client hopefully) but they think that they were the ones that came up with the idea first.  Well a more practical form of inception for the online PR & advertising environment would be to let the bloggers in your universe know that you exist and provide them with as much quality content & information about your company as possible for them to eventually make that informed decision to write about your product or service, but indirectly I might add, so that where ever and whenever they find creative content for their articles you must somehow be there as well in as many places as possible so that when they do stumble upon information regarding your company and come up with an amazing idea for an article about your product or service, you will somehow have indirectly inspired that idea.  They will adopt it as if it were their own and feel empowered to embrace your products or services with greater connectivity and focus than if you had used the old interruption model to get them to discuss your product or service.

All this means is that you must first study the folks you want to somehow influence and provide them with the necessary information they need to be inspired and motivated to write about your product or service.

I got all this by reading The New Rules of Marketing & PR, 2nd Edition by David Meerman Scott maybe Mr. Scott played the inception game on me and I didn’t even know it, very subtle Mr. Scott, Bravo!

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