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The case for going to the consumer directly

Recently Steve from the RDP Group in Hartford Connecticut asked the question…

“Why do vineyard owners, wine distributors and importers like to exhibit in consumer wine shows rather than at a trade show for buyers?

I responded with…. “This is a trick question right? It’s called grassroots engagement… Connecting with the folks who actually buy your product is the very best form of New Rules Marketing & PR (David Meerman Scott) and creates ambassadors for your brand which, has an exponential affect on the ability of your brand to become more widely accepted and recognized in the market place than going the buyer / trade show route (buyers often have their own bias and agenda and act as firewalls to your brand’s penetration into the market place and ultimate success. In addition, buyers often have other brands they may be pushing over yours as well and become unwanted filters for your product’s success.

While we’re on the subject, you should also consider focusing more of your efforts on specific buyer persona profile development for your brand which offer up alternative strategies for connecting with your consumer base via alternate channels, this in effect offers up the ability for your organization to connect directly with the consumer and by pass the gate keepers known as buyers and trade shows, you thereby force buyers to listen to what your hand raising consumer ambassadors want instead of the other way around–Think Johnnie Walker Journey events and brand ambassadors”

Please tell me what you think…

Peter Rozie Jr

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