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Should at&t and the telecom industry be regulated because of overcharging subscribers?

Should at&t and the telecom industry be regulated because of overcharging subscribers? Data for all intents and purposes doesn’t exist except virtually and is not created by at&t or any other service provider for that matter. at&t and the data price manipulating telecom industry are charging for something that their customers are producing, they don’t even own the intellectual property which that data represents, think of any company charging for the use of data which in essence is created by the user, it’s as if you were paying for the privilege of having your data transported to and from your location, virtually with no size or weight to run up fuel costs which could be packed into a truck or car or boat or anything for that matter and the actual cost for the infrastructure and technology investment to transport this virtual product has already been paid for by the US Government and is decaying as we speak and companies like at&t only invest some of the 19 billion dollars it made last year to really update it’s infrastructure and if they’ve invested more its because of the smart phone revolution originally started by Palm, Nokia and now Apple (and reluctantly I might add) and still treat such investment as if being dragged by the hair. This symbiotic relationship between the subscriber (the user) and at&t & other carriers (the dealers) basically charge a toll for something you already own which doesn’t exist in the real world, only virtually and the technology & RD (satellite, fiber optics etc) has already been created and paid for by NASA and the US Government years ago and once infrastructure is paid for it undergoes capital depreciation for which they no doubt write off over a period of many years and tax credits. That would leave energy usage which is paid for by the end users at point of creation and by cities and municipalities along the way in each and every part of the world and all the taxes charged on your phone & wireless bill because of tax breaks means they collect from users and in a lot of instances large corporations have been accused of not paying their fair share, does at&t pay it’s fair share? Do you really think that either at&t or Verizon or even Sprint and T-Mobile for that matter (soon to partner with at&t) pays their fair share back to the Govt.?

So I say, how can telecom companies in general constantly charge more for something which has virtually no weight, doesn’t belong to them with most of the infrastructure, technology and R&D paid for and created years before smart phones ever existed and is now responsible for stifling innovation by charging exorbitant pricing for data usage and unfairly charging the public and small businesses for something they can’t actually in good faith justify?

What do you think, please chime in

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