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Is it possible that Data Governance is similiar to the way collagen works in the human body

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In a re-posting of an article by a friend and colleague, Jaime Fitzgerald of Fitzgerald Analytics An Architect of Fact-Based Decisions TM, he pointed out an interesting concept – “Connecting Data Governance to Business Outcomes That Matter” by @juliebhunt at http://t.co/cpjkAFyc . Well after reading the article, I thought that there are so many real world comparisons to make understanding what would normally be an abstract concept more concrete and more real and this is what I came up with…

Is it possible that Data Governance is similar to collagen in the human body? Maintaining continuity, integrity and the flexibility to absorb changes in real time while remaining focused on the desired outcome, goals and objectives all the while taking into account those very changes which may have altered a previously desired outcome for the better or at least allowed the decision making process to understand those changes and respond accordingly?

Please let me know what you think…


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