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Is it possible that Data Governance is similiar to the way collagen works in the human body part 2

Continuing that thought process, what I also meant to add was that collagen, as a proxy for Data Governance should be looked upon as being young and resilient vs. old and lethargic and representing 2 extremes for Data Governance Analysis.

As with older collagen, weak data governance is less resilient and lacks the ability to respond quickly to new data input without being corrupted by previous input. As a result, data becomes confusing and lacking proper definition or a definable genesis. This results in a reduction in the integrity of accurate data propagation through the system with data becoming slow and undefinable making analysis near impossible. For me this is similar to pinching one’s skin directly under the eyes when you’re 40 to 50 years old with the skin taking a much longer time to bounce back than if you were to pinch the same area when you’re 20 to 30 years old.

The process of receiving continuous data and being able to quickly respond to or define newer input allows information to be refreshed regularly, analyzed properly and compared to previous data in order to understand what is being seen so the right questions can be asked. Remember, the quicker the refresh / elasticity of data input, the faster that data can be utilized and implemented in order to address a solution or solve a problem.

With multiple organization or hands managing data across multiple platforms, organizations, agendas or politics, it’s not hard to see how data can be mishandled and corrupted (i.e. older collagen), however, more nimble handling of data (newer collagen) is a better and a more accurate transmitter of data, where there isn’t the tendency towards corruption by culture, agenda or politics (older collagen). When data is available to all, it becomes democratized as a result of new collagen, fresh perspectives and open minds receiving such input. Data becomes a commodity whose cost is whatever the end user assigns as a value and because all data has roots in the real world, it can never ever be truly hidden even if specific aspects are held secret as bits vs. atoms. All data is interconnected and can be found whether purposefully hidden or not and the greater the access to truly raw aspects of data, the easier it is to recreate.

This post is part 2 to a response of a re-posting of an article by a friend and colleague, Jaime Fitzgerald of Fitzgerald Analytics An Architect of Fact-Based Decisions TM, he pointed out an interesting concept – “Connecting Data Governance to Business Outcomes That Matter” by @juliebhunt at http://t.co/cpjkAFyc

Please feel free to chime in on your thoughts which would be greatly appreciated and please connect with me on twitter @v2vinfosource

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