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How often should we update our social media strategy?

Recently, one of my customers asked:  Every time we update our blog (at least once a week) we Tweet and post on facebook as well.  Do you think that’s not enough and could we do more?


Well, as you might expect this is an incredibly open ended question but since open-ended questions never truly have a right or wrong answer, I decided to jump in to explore the possibilities.

I told her – that’s a difficult question without knowing your objectives for  the updates, your expectations from such an effort, how quickly do you want your target audience to respond?  What are you specifically trying to promote? What is the message being sent out? It is a time sensitive message requiring frequent alerts?  Does this message reinforce your brand’s image by being consistent in a firmly rooted delivery pattern that your audience needs and expects?  Does increasing or decreasing the frequency of delivery of such a message further enhance your brand’s image?  Does it effectively help to increase brand loyalty by reinforcing your brand’s dependability and reliability?  Does it respond to customer concerns in a fast moving market place, thereby requiring consistent and frequent updates to stay ahead of the competition?  And last but not least, is the effort geared towards a campaign with an intended short-term purpose and objective where once finished, it becomes a completely different organism with new rules and objectives? or are we talking longer term like building your brand’s image by gaining credibility and remaining in contact with your base over consistent and measured period time?

These are just a few thoughts I had, can anyone else add to this list?  Please let me hear from you

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