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Telegraphicmedia & iDataCam for iPhone 4 App the way to engage at events

Work with Telegraphicmedia, a digital solutions agency utilizing iPhone / iPad iOS wireless app platform for implementing mobile lead generation solutions for event promotions and upload consumer data to CRM

Software Platform: iDataCam for iPhone4 App engages event attendees 4 ways…

  • Captures attendee (opt-in) contact info and takes their photo in HD
  • Applies event-branded frame to photo (selected by attendee)
  • Emails and/or texts branded photo to attendee instantly
  • Uploads attendee data to a brand’s CRM for consumer conversion

Click on image to see a larger, higher resolution image of figure 1.

For use in the following industries:

  • Automotive (VW via Draft FCB Chicago)
  • Sports (NASCAR, NFL)
  • Celebrity & Entertainment  (John Legend Sponsored music concert events)
  • Wine & Spirits (Diageo: Crown Royal, Captain Morgan, Johnnie Walker, Guinness and Tanqueray)
  • Trade Shows Sales Tool for Midwest Seed Company
  • Telecom (Sprint at Super Bowl 2007 & NASCAR)
  • Banking (Bank of America, NASCAR)




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Responsible for developing business strategy & solutions for brands looking for meaningful ways to engage & more precisely measure and understand photo incentivized consumer interactions with the brand and more importantly, iDataCap Dashboards allows review/admin of consumer after an event: sorting captured data by event, by device or by lead type.

Utilizing online Dashboards allows real-time assessment of data capture DURING an event

  • Analyze iDataCam usage and
  • Adjust iDataCam locations or iDataCam users to…
  • Optimize data capture DURING an event

2011 Enhancements (helped to implement)

  • Integrate incentives into photo offering
  • Facebook, YouTube & Twitter integration
  • Group data capture for photos with multiple attendees
  • Branded consumer version of iDataCam app (next step in digital citizenry)
  • Branded video supplement for clever consumers branded video experiences
To get started with iDataCam you must
  • Determine event schedule, time & units needed
  • Device activation planning & training time needed
  • Determine umber of staff needed
  • Mobile interaction & photo offer integration into a consumer dialog
  • Messaging & art for photo branding
  • Determine special incentive offers to be reinforced image border copy or offer codes.
  • Contact us & setup a discovery meeting to….
We look forward to working with your team on activating the iDataCam Consumer Photo & Data Mobile Capture Solution and invite your ideas and opinions
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