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Can’t access adobe.com or other sites? Maybe it’s your host file

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Disclaimer: Not responsible for what happens to your computer by accessing your host file improperly but when done correctly will solve the problem of not being able to access a website, I don’t know how the host file gets urls that block but I do know that this worked for me and please only do this if you know what you’re doing otherwise any actions you take will have adverse consequences as to how your computer performs

I’ve been having incredible difficulty accessing Adobe.com to reinstall Adobe Air on my Macbook Pro 15″ and was looking for a solution until I came across an article on MactricksandTips.com (http://www.mactricksandtips.com/2009/02/editing-a-macs-hosts-file.html) and please remember this should work for any website found in the host file unless that is your ISP is blocking your access to a particular site (this was not the case with adobe.com for me).

The article is as follows:

The hosts file is in the /etc folder. To access this file in Finder to to the Menu bar then go to Go > Go To Folder, and type in /etc (exactly as you see in bold print). A normal finder window will appear. In this window you will find the file called “hosts” double click this file and open it in TextEdit. At this point you should be enabled as a root user, so you can quickly edit the file. but if not you should at least be using an administrator account, which if the computer belongs to you, most likely you already are, big difference is that when logged in as a root user, you will not have to keep entering your admin password (which is what I did vs. enabling root user)

In this file you should notice a couple of things, there should be a comment area at the top signified by hashes (#), and a couple of entries in the file. Do not change these. They are very important to operation of you computer. Your file should look like something below.          localhost    broadcasthost
::1                localhost
fe80::1%lo0        localhost

The IP address in on the left and the domain is on the right. You can now add more domains and IP addresses, one per line. For instance if you want to block an ad server you would type the following: ad.doubleclick.net

I hope this helps because I know that many of you have been having extreme difficulty with accessing various sites and wanted to share with you how I solved this problem which, worked for me

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