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Simplicity Results In Duplication for 80+%

For the 80+% of individuals out there you will encounter for your MLM business opportunity–there is a very strong desire to earn an easy buck but never focus on any one aspect of a long term plan or set of goals to make a real difference in the big picture success.  These individuals for the most part are very comfortable with the idea that winning in business is the same as winning a sweepstakes… for them success is measured by getting lucky instead of putting actual time and effort into helping others and creating value through self development, these types of individuals are usually set up for failure in the short term and long term.

These types of individuals will 1. never be able to fully develop themselves or create something truly lasting in the way of a successful business 2. exhibit short term interest & excitement, usually from a few minutes to a couple of months and truly miss the forest for the trees… 3. use every last second of your time with endless questions, asking for a refund or issuing a complaint 4. have a herd mentality and 5. want everything turn key and are incapable of the imagination necessary to create their own game plan for success.

Your objective for these types of individuals should be to give them very easy to follow instructions just long enough for them to copy once or twice especially if things are kept laser focused & simple for them.  By getting this 80+% group to duplicate at least once, you can and will be able to sustain growth over extended periods of time  because this 80+% group make up the bulk of your target market.

The key is to allow them to duplicate and build belief in a system that is simple to follow.

The other 5-15% of this equation on the other hand will need no hand holding because for them, simplicity is almost an insult, this group will thrive on problem solving, search for solutions and will do whatever it takes to produce necessary results to become successful.

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