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How important is it to be perceived as an expert

No matter how great your product is, people have to believe in you in order to believe in your product. Being perceived as an “expert” in your field is a key element to achieving that goal, because it builds trust  & credibility.  So if we don’t trust someone, we’re not likely to buy from him or her.  Therefore, the more clearly you can be perceived as an expert or an authority the more likely you are to attract visitors to your site and “convert” them into buyers, brand ambassadors and virally replicating fans. And before you decide that you don’t have a chance at being perceived as an expert, think about this:

Everyone is an expert or at least highly proficient in some area they feel comfortable with to the point of relaxed simplistic understanding  of topics issues or actions.  Advanced degrees, published papers are absolutely not necessary to be perceived as an “expert.”

Now how do you recognize your area of expertise?

Think about the questions that your customers ask every day and that you answer—and that’s your area of expertise!

Think about the questions they should be asking and that’s’ even more expertise!

Once you begin thinking this way and identifying your areas of expertise, you can begin to leverage it and use it to build your brand.

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