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The New Social ROI Prototype:

Except and Commentary from Localspeak GLOBALSPEAK Blog

After seeing the results of a well fought and well earned outcome for the Obama Campaign in the recent 2012 Presidential and Congressional elections, I’m convinced that understanding large amounts of specifically targeted raw data is the key to successful strategy, execution and implementation of game plans that work, whether those plans be deployed in a political campaign, used for acquiring new subscribers or in the development of new customers.

Understanding what that raw data means, utilizing & applying it where and when needed will be the basis all engagement moving forward.

Examples of raw data being used for accurate predictions and understanding of the numbers can be seen in the superior performance of Nate Silver and his 538 blog, where for the most part he was dead on in his predictions on how races would turn out (state by state and district by district) based on polling which was found to be extremely accurate (to the surprise of many Republican Strategist) and by the Obama campaign which just as accurately predicted voter turnouts, sentiment, strengths and weaknesses with respect to it’s campaign… See the post on the Localspeak blog. Localspeak’s take was that even though “Social intelligence still remains elusive to legions of brands…. the new textbook social game plan for the re-election of President Obama has vetted a new social ROI prototype:” Which I believe will become the Ten Commandments of Social Engagement moving forward and these Commandments are…

1 Join the conversation.
2 Listen to the crowd.
3 Leverage constituent feedback.
4 Be responsive.
5 Engage with supporters where they live.
6 Be transparent and authentic.
7 Create great content.
8 Identify value and reward loyalty.
9 Don’t overspend.
10 Win.

Except and Commentary from Localspeak Globalspeak Blog

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