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A Digital Brand Strategist focusing on an organization’s overall business model and strategic road map to leverage currently trending technologies and paradigms to achieve predefined business goals and organizational objectives which, involve putting the buyer/subscriber first and technology second.

The result of this philosophy is a greater understanding of organizations goals and objectives related to buyer persona profiles, current cultural influences and the utilization of the following model for understanding a bigger picture- Assess & Define; Concept & Design; Build & Deploy; Maintain & Mature.

Past experience has shown that branding, PR, advertising, marketing and technology must support and not dictate an organization’s overall direction and approach to business solutions and goals. The objective should be to direct attention and resources for a better understanding of various buyer persona needs and concerns and away from product promotion and the preemptive need to protect brand reputation at the expense of it’s buyers and subscribers. This is accomplished by focusing on the creation of compelling content for 2 way engagement and a sincere desire for transparency that builds trust and loyalty.


a Social Interaction Design firm established in 2004 with a focus on helping small and midsize brands understand and create effective buyer persona profiles which speak to the specific needs and concerns of highly diverse markets.


Real Time & New Rules Marketing and PR paradigms

User Interface, Interaction Design, Experience Design and Information Architecture

Mobile app strategies with fundamentally sound mobile channel integration

Effective data capture strategies for improved lead generation and insightful use of analytics

Implementation of “Tipping Point” strategies for managing social epidemics, which include leveraging social media platforms to generate consistently measurable consumer & brand interactions that can be recognized and acted upon in real time

Peter Rozie Jr



fax: 212-227-6789

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